ESRA Winter Week

Winter Week

Monday, 22 January 2018  

Point of care ultrasonography in the emergency and the perioperative setting- Thomas Dahl Nielsen Emergency Ultrasonography.pdf
Strategies for minimizing phrenic nerve block after brachial plexus block- Ki-Jinn Chin Brachial plexus block.pdf
The best blocks for knee surgery- Thomas Bendtsen Knee Surgery.pdf
Ultrasonography for interventional pain managment- Roel Mestrum Pain.pdf
For a fractured hip a FIC-block is the best option
Pro -  Mathias Desmet Pro.pdf
Con - Jens Børglum Con.pdf
Some relaxing exercises
Geert-Jan van Geffen

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Perineural catheters, what is the evidence? - Mathias Desmet Perineural catheters.pdf
Paraspinal blocks - a new paradigm for truncal analgesia- Ki-Jinn Chin Paraspinal Blocks.pdf
Treating cancer pain- Roel Mestrum Pain management.pdf
Abdominal wall blocks - Thomas Bendtsen Trunk.pdf

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Neuraxial block failure, why? and what to do about it?- Ki-Jinn ChinManaging Epidural and Spinal Failures.pdf
The development of the QL block - Jens Børglum The Developemt of the ql block.pdf
Basic Anatomy of Pain 1 - Anthony Dickenson Basic Anatomy of Pain.pdf
Regional anesthesia in kids is not the same as in adults- Luc Tielens Regional Anesthesia in Kids.pdf

Problem based discussion
Luc Tielens PBLD.pdf
Geert-Jan van Geffen

PDPH and focal neurologic deficit after obstetric regional anesthesia
Eva Roofthooft and Marc Van de Velde SOLDEN PDPH and NEUROLOGIC DEFICIT.pdf

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Cutaneous innervation of hip and the coverage of surgical incisions for hip surgery- Thomas Dahl Nielsen Hip fracture.pdf
Basic Anatomy of Pain 2- Anthony Dickenson Basic Anatomy of Pain 2.pdf
Post-ceasarean pain- Marc Van de Velde
Regional anesthesia in the trauma patient- Mathias DesmetRegional Anaesthesia in the Trauma Patient.pdf

Friday, 26 January 2018

LAST an update - Mathias Desmet LAST an update.pptx
When to choose caudal or inguinal block ?- Luc Tielens Caudal or Ilio-Inguinal.pdf
Reseach in pain medicine, new horizons- Anthony Dickenson Research in pain medicine.pdf
Infiltration techniques for providing pain relief- Geert-Jan van GeffenInfiltration techniques.pdf

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